Why OWF plays IFAF rules

IFAF rules for flag football provide a standardized set of rules and regulations that are recognized and used by leagues and organizations around the world. By adhering to a set of universal rules, players and coaches can compete on a level playing field, regardless of their country of origin or the league in which they play.

Having a standardized set of rules also makes it easier to organize international competitions and tournaments. This allows players from different countries and regions to come together and compete in a fair and consistent manner.

In addition, the IFAF is recognized as the governing body for American football and flag football by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which further promotes the global standardization of the sport.

Overall, the use of IFAF rules for flag football helps to create a world standard for the sport, promoting consistency and fairness in play across different regions and countries.

Coach Steph

Coach Steph, Founder of Ottawa Women's Football
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