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2023 Team & Individual Awards

2023 Flag Football Team Award

The Ottawa Sports Awards committee has recognized the U16 Hawks team as the 2023 Flag Team of the Year, a prestigious acknowledgment of their exceptional performance throughout the season. This accolade is a testament to the team's dedication and success in their inaugural season. Heartfelt congratulations to the U16 Hawks for this well-deserved honour.

We extend our appreciation to all the athletes from the U16 Hawks Team, whose collective efforts and sportsmanship have set a high standard in the sporting community.

Here's to a remarkable debut season and the promise of even greater achievements ahead! Coaches, what a season! Congratulations to Coach Daniel & Coach Taylor for empowering, trusting, and crushing the competition. You both embody the Hawks' values! What an incredible season; thank you.

2023 Flag Football Athlete Award

Soraya Bard's incredible skills and dedication on the field have earned her the title of the 2023 Ottawa Sports Award winner for the city's best Flag Football athlete. This award is a big deal, and we want to give a huge congratulations to Soraya!

Soraya's success goes beyond just playing the game well; it's about showing the Hawks team values in action. Whether it's teamwork, determination, or sportsmanship, Soraya personifies these values every time she steps onto the field. Her passion for the game and leadership have not only helped her shine individually but have also lifted the entire team. In additional to Soraya's success with the Hawks; she was a captain of the U16 Team Ontario, taking home Bronze with her teammates at Football Canada's National Championship in 2023.

This recognition isn't just about winning; it's about Soraya's commitment to making a positive impact on and off the field. A big high-five to Soraya for representing the Hawks with such excellence and bringing home the Flag Football Athlete of the Year award. Here's to celebrating her success and the inspiration she brings to the entire Ottawa sports community! Go Hawks!


• Achieve the highest potential outcome through continuous effort, patients, and perseverance.
• Overcome challenges with continuous effort.
• Motivate others through the silent feeling that drives people.
• Be the person you want to look up to.

• Intentionally learn life lessons through sport.
• Respect each other and the decisions made by the coaches.
• Positive, open, and honest communication both on and off the field.

• Team-first mentality.
• We win and lose like champions.
• Hawks conduct themselves with poise, gratitude, and honour.
• Give back to the community.

• Enjoy the fun of the game.
• Life is better with football!