Welcome to the House of the Hawks! Our house proudly highlights the Hawks exceptional achievements. We invite you to step inside and witness every season through the eyes of a Hawk. Come and join our flock, and be a part of our incredible journey! #preytogether

2023 Team & Individual Awards

2023 Flag Football Team Award

The Ottawa Sports Awards committee has recognized the U16 Hawks team as the 2023 Flag Team of the Year, a prestigious acknowledgment of their exceptional performance throughout the season. This accolade is a testament to the team's dedication and success in their inaugural season. Heartfelt congratulations to the U16 Hawks for this well-deserved honour.

We extend our appreciation to all the athletes from the U16 Hawks Team, whose collective efforts and sportsmanship have set a high standard in the sporting community.

Here's to a remarkable debut season and the promise of even greater achievements ahead! Coaches, what a season! Congratulations to Coach Daniel & Coach Taylor for empowering, trusting, and crushing the competition. You both embody the Hawks' values! What an incredible season; thank you.

2023 Flag Football Athlete Award

Soraya Bard's incredible skills and dedication on the field have earned her the title of the 2023 Ottawa Sports Award winner for the city's best Flag Football athlete. This award is a big deal, and we want to give a huge congratulations to Soraya!

Soraya's success goes beyond just playing the game well; it's about showing the Hawks team values in action. Whether it's teamwork, determination, or sportsmanship, Soraya personifies these values every time she steps onto the field. Her passion for the game and leadership have not only helped her shine individually but have also lifted the entire team. In additional to Soraya's success with the Hawks; she was a captain of the U16 Team Ontario, taking home Bronze with her teammates at Football Canada's National Championship in 2023.

This recognition isn't just about winning; it's about Soraya's commitment to making a positive impact on and off the field. A big high-five to Soraya for representing the Hawks with such excellence and bringing home the Flag Football Athlete of the Year award. Here's to celebrating her success and the inspiration she brings to the entire Ottawa sports community! Go Hawks!


Frequently asked questions about the OWF Elite Hawks

The first competitive flag football program in Ottawa. The Elite program is led by NCCP Competitive Development Certified coaches, former and current OWF players and General Managers for Football Ontario's Female Flag Football Program. The success of our athletes and teams is our top priority. Our experienced volunteers complete annual health and safety training and background checks. All coaches have NCCP certifications and believe in building leadership and self-confidence through the spirit of sport and healthy competition.

#1 - Our Elite program is backed by the Ottawa Women's Football organization, with former and current players helping. Even more, OWF Elite program is the only competitive flag football program offered in Ontario.  The success of our players is our #1 priority. 

#2 - A Path to College Girls across North America are fuelling their passion for flag football and taking their game to the college level. In 2020, women’s flag football became a sanctioned college sport in the US, with 15 National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) universities kicking off their leagues in 2021. The best part? They’re offering scholarships. Learn more about NAIA Women’s Flag Football. And 5 schools in the Atlantic East Conference will have flag football at the NCAA level.

#3 - The program is run by two female coaches with the following combined credentials; NCCP Competitive Development certification, Co- GM’s for Football Ontario’s Female Flag Football Program, Kinesiologist, players and coaches.

#4 - Building Team Players Flag football is the ultimate team sport that teaches leadership, sportsmanship, and self-confidence. OWF Elite teams compete 5 on 5, giving every player a chance to make a big impact and learn valuable lessons both on and off the field.

#5 - Experienced Staff, all Elite program coaches must complete yearly health and safety training, as well as background checks. Additionally, all coaches are NCCP competitive development certified

#6 - Set Up for Tackle Success Did you know that the skills learned in flag football transfer directly to tackle? For many tackle football families, flag is a great starting point to improve technique and learn the fundamentals of the game, especially in the offseason. It’s the perfect introduction to catching, throwing, formations, routes, defensive skills, and more.

Tryouts are open to all players interested in playing on an OWF Elite team. OWF Elite is a competitive flag football program, and player positions and playing time are at the coaching staff's discretion at all times.

Tryouts will be held at the Mega Dome in Stittsville, Ontario. (5315 Abbott St E, Stittsville, ON K2S 0X3) 

Please refer to the registration page for the cost of the tryouts. The tryout fee is non-refundable, and those selected to play will be charged additional team and registration fees. Players are responsible for travel, accommodations and entry expenses for games and tournaments during the OWF Elite season. Three away tournaments that include some international travel are expected this season. Financial assistance is available for players through the Jumpstart Program. Applications for the Jumpstart Program can be found here. Jumpstart funding is available in September and then again in January.

Players require a mouthguard and cleats. No clothing with pockets is allowed on the field, and piercings must be removed or taped. Team jerseys will be provided when teams are formed.

Players selected for OWF Elite teams will be expected to commit for the entire season, which runs from February until end-August and includes weekly practices and scheduled games. Attendance is required to develop team play.

Players will be excused when ill, but injured players are expected to attend team activities, including practices and games, to be best prepared for return to play. We understand that 100% attendance may not be possible, but it should be the goal.


This is an elite competitive flag football program. At this level, playing time is at the discretion of the coaches.

The "Parent Team" is essential to each team. Parents are asked to ensure their players arrive on time for practices and games and may be required to keep score for home and some away games.