Under Armour Glory 2 Turf Lacrosse Shoes | Great Choice for Flag Football

As the popularity of female Flag Football rapidly rises, there seems to be a slower pace in the development of female-specific footwear to meet the growing demand. If we were to examining various female sports, it would reveal a commonality in this matter.

The search for high-quality female-specific turf shoe has proven to be quite challenging. I experimented with several soccer-style turf shoes, but I found they didn't offer the comfort or support I needed for football. Inspired by observing female lacrosse during the World Games, I pondered whether a pair of lacrosse cleats could be a suitable for football. Under Armour has a few options for Women's Lacrosse shoes, I ordered the Glory 2 Turf Lacrosse shoes and I was very impressed with the comfort. 

Here are three reasons why these cleats are a sensible choice for flag football.


Coach Steph

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