Emergency Action Plan

In case of injury or other emergency, the following procedures should be taken by a member of the team or official that has First Aid Response training.

Emergency Action Plan

  1. Assess the situation;
  2. Evaluate and determine the extent of the emergency and take control of the area;
  3. Determine what assistance is needed;

a. in case of an emergency requiring medical assistance:

i. Designate one person to contact the assistance needed:
        • Ambulance/Fire Department - 911;
        • Ask someone to find out if there are any medical professionals present.

ii. Remain in charge of the scene until someone arrives to take over.

b. In case of injury not requiring emergency medical assistance:

iii. Designate one person to get the first aid kit and ice.

iv. Provide first aid care to the injury if requested by the injured person.  and

v. Recommend that injured athlete gets further care by their physician, if necessary.


  1. Have the individual fill out an injury report form.
  2. Report all injuries to OWF through ottawawomensfootball@gmail.com