Fall/Winter Women's League

Registration Type

Registration Type

Team Registration

A representative for your team, typically the team captain/manager will register your team and pay the team fees upfront. Once the captain/manager has completed this step they can send the team code to all players looking to register.

Join a Team (using team code)

Players apart of an existing team and have been provided a team code. 

Who do I pay?
You will be asked to pay your Team captain/manager the registration team fees.
How do I pay for Insurance?
When you join a team you will be asked to pay for insurance at checkout. 
Who will provide the team code?
Your team captain/manager will provide the team code.

Individual Registration

Register on your own and we will place you with other individual participants to form a team.

League Details

- Friday Nights, Oct 14th - Feb 10th, 6-9:30pm

- 5 players vs 5 players (minimum 4 players)

- Officials for all games

- 45 mins (two 20 minute halves, 5 mins half time)

- Flag Football

- 25 by 65 yards (Indoor Turf)

- All players must register for Ontario Football Alliance (OFA) insurance prior to stepping on the field for this event. This is a $22.50 no-refundable fee charged separately from Ottawa Women's Football Events.