About Us

Headshot Co-Founder of Ottawa Women's Football
Stephanie Thinn

Stephanie Thinn is committed to promoting the game of football and helping individuals of all levels improve their skills, regardless of whether they play for fun or competition. As a co-founder and visionary of OWF, her primary objective is to establish an inclusive environment where women and girls can learn, play, and cultivate their passion for football within a thriving community.

In her leisure time, Stephanie enjoys playing football and is a certified NCCP coach. She coaches the U18 Ontario Female Flag Football team in 2022 and 2023 as their quarterback. Additionally, Stephanie serves as a General Manager for the female Football Ontario high performance flag program. She is also a passionate supporter of youth flag football and runs Ottawa's first NFL Flag football youth program presented by OWF.

Co-Founder headshot of Ottawa Women's Football
Jori Ritchie

Jori Ritchie, a co-founder of OWF, has a deep passion for sports. She previously managed the women's National Military Basketball team and oversaw the intramural program at the Royal Military College in Kingston before transitioning to the athletic department at Algonquin College. Jori has over 10 years of experience coordinating and organizing major sporting events. Leveraging her expertise, knowledge, and unwavering commitment to women in sports, Jori is focused on creating opportunities to develop the next generation of football players and officials.

She is also devoted to expanding youth football in Ottawa and promoting women's participation in football at all ages to encourage lifelong physical activity. Jori enjoys coaching and is currently serving as the defensive coach for the U18 Ontario Female Flag Football team. Additionally, she is dedicated to mentoring new coaches and officials who are emerging from OWF's community of women and youth.