COVID 19 Protocols – Ottawa Women's Football

COVID 19 Protocols

Before Games

  • All players must fill out the COVID 19 screening prior to arriving at the field.
  • Players may arrive 15 minutes prior to their field time and are asked to warm up in their end zone.
  • Anyone who has any COVID 19 symptoms, does not fill out the COVID 19 screening, or does not pass the COVID 19 screening is not allowed to participate or be at the field.
  • If a member tests positive for COVID 19, they are to notify OWF as soon as possible to ensure proper follow up to members. Personal information will remain anonymous.
  • For all players & spectators attending indoor league and tournament events must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccinations with government issued photo ID at the entrance to the facility before your first game.

During Games

  • Teams benches are on opposite sides of the field.
  • No sharing of personal water bottles, mouth guard, etc.
  • Huddles will need to remain properly distanced.
  • No spitting on the field.
  • No high-fives.

After Games

  • No handshakes after the games. Teams are to congratulate each other from a safe distance.
  • Flags will be collected and disinfected by OWF after each game.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available.  
  • Team captains are asked to send scores via Score Submission Link.