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Coach Taylor
Coach Benjamin
Hawks U16 Hawks U14
Taylor has been playing football for 13 years, ranging from co-ed flag, boy's tackle football, women's touch, women's tackle football, and to women's flag with Ottawa Women's Football. Her passion for football stems from the community that surrounds the sport and a love for the game. However, oftentimes football can be exclusive and intimidating for women. Coach Taylor is determined to create more spaces for women in football, and to help foster a better, more inclusive environment for women of all ages to develop as players and to have the opportunity to compete at an elite level. Former U16 provincial coach bring home a bronze medal. 
I'm 25 years old and football is my passion. It's something that I really enjoy, and I have gained a lot of experience that I'm sure will be useful for the team. I am very grateful for the opportunity and excited to start this project. I trust my teammates, athletes, and the process. I am sure it will be a great season full of learning and good times.
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Coach Selina
Coach MN
Hawks U18 Hawks U18
Selina is a competitive football player who excels at motivating her team-mates and leading by example. Her focus lies in empowering young women, fostering a sense of community, and aiding athletes in their personal growth both on and off the field. 

Selina has represented Canada on multiple occasions on the world stage, where she won six gold medals in karate. She is dedicated to giving back to her community by sharing her knowledge and experience. "When I'm not coaching or competing — I'm cheering my beloved boys in silver and blue. Go Cowboys!’ 
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Coach Michelle Coach Chris
Hawks U16 Hawks U18
Michelle is very grateful to be part of the inaugural season of the Hawks.  She believes in the positive impact of female presence in football and in the power of community provided by sport.  Her late husband pointed her to coaching to bring her love of the game to others and she has been building her coaching skills over the past few years.  She has been playing football for over 30 years and brings a deep knowledge base on both sides of the ball.  When not on the field, Michelle is mom to an awesome son and works for the Pest Management Regulatory Agency.  She is an avid sports fan; loves food, travel, and history; and is a connoisseur of Bugs Bunny and Bloom County.
Coaching with Ottawa Hawks Flag Football excites me. I've coached basketball and soccer, enhancing my skills in teamwork, communication, and athlete development. My experience with the "Girls Run the World" tournament showcases my commitment to empowering young athletes. Flag football's inclusion in the 2028 Olympics offers a unique opportunity to help athletes pursue post-secondary and international success.
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Coach Marie-Noelle
Coach Daniel
Hawks U18 Hawks U14
Football has been my passion since I was 30 years old. I have played Touch, Flag, and even tried Tackle Football. I love playing, watching, and now coaching. I wanted to be part of an amazing organization where I could share my knowledge and passion. I'm so happy to join OWF and be the Head Coach of U16B. Besides football, I enjoy playing Softball and Volleyball. I also travel a lot and am always looking for the next destination.

My name is Daniel Gonzalez. I'm 25 years old. I started practicing football when I was 7, and I continued with college football at one of the most prestigious universities in Mexico. Throughout my sports life, I have had the opportunity to participate in different flag football tournaments as a player and coach.

My passion for the sport was born during my early years as a child when I learned about the discipline and character that this sport develops in a person. I consider it as one of the most complete sports, not only generating great athletes but also individuals with integrity and success in every aspect of their lives.

So, I'm super excited to share with the team what this sport has taught me during my life, and I believe that success is the result of love and hard work in whatever you do.

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Coach Jori

Coach Steph

Hawks U18 Hawks/All Age Groups
Co-founder of Ottawa Women's Football. Proud to be the U18 Hawks HC. She is devoted to expanding youth football in Ottawa and promoting women's participation in football at all ages to encourage lifelong practice of physical activity.  Former U18 Provincial coach.  

My objective is to inspire athletes to perform at their highest level on and off the field. With the continued result of being active for life. Having Co-founded Ottawa Women's Football, I've had the privilege of working with athletes of all ages in both competitive and recreational streams. I take great pride in my role as a Flag Football / Non-Contact Coach with a proven track record of developing athletes and teams for success. I am committed to pushing for equality in sport as I believe every athlete deserves a chance to thrive.

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Coach Alex Coach Bobby
Hawks U16 Hawks U16
I'm thrilled to be coaching for the OWF Elite Hawks! Sports have been a part of my life since I was 12, both recreationally and competitively. On top of that, I have a passion for training others and sharing knowledge. In more professional settings, I'm always the first to volunteer to train new people, where I like to create a positive learning environment. I believe I can bring a competitive edge to the program with a positive and uplifting atmosphere for the athletes and there parents. Ive been around sports for over 15 years as an accomplishing provincial and National champion. I have experience Coach U12 females and believe this season will be an opportunity for me to grow as coach and person.